The Team combines a natural aesthetic, powerful knowledge of landscape architecture, and extensive expertise in horticulture to produce a refined, custom landscape that is perfect for you. Our staff of creative and resourceful professional designers are unrivaled in delivering high-quality, innovative solutions.
Our professional design services include:

  • Professional landscape consultation
  • Premier landscape design
  • Shrub sculpting
  • New installations
  • Seasonal colors (annuals)
  • Seasonal lighting



The Team offers impeccable, turnkey delivery from concept to execution, insuring your project is not only flawless, but on-time and on-budget.
The Team’s residential and commercial landscaping services include:

  • Mowing, edging, trimming
  • Bed maintenance including: mulching, troubleshooting, water management
  • Sprinkler design, installation, repair
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Leaf and trash removal



The Team is continually developing cutting-edge techniques to care and maintain your landscape. Let The Team’s skilled crew care for your lawn, plants, flowerbeds, water features and irrigation systems achieving quality results in a short time. We look forward to being your professional partner in preserving your landscape’s natural growth and beauty.
The Team can accommodate your schedule and visit at your convenience.

  • Drainage Solutions
  • Scalping
  • Dethatching
  • Lawn aeration
  • Over seeding
  • Gutter clean outs
  • Sod installations



The Team Chemical Program provides regulated treatments to achieve an invigorated, virtually weed-free lawn and bed environment. Our acclaimed program is custom-created for your landscape based on scientific soil sampling using the latest industry advancements. The object of the chemical program is to provide the customer with a vitalized near weed free lawn and bed environment. This program is tailored by soil testing and changing industry advancements to stay up with the latest science.

Step 1: Pre-Spring Application
  • Pre-emergent herbicide to target early season crabgrass
  • Post-emergent herbicide to control henbit, chickweed, and other broad leaf weeds
Step 2: Early Spring Application
  • Pre-emergent to extend crabgrass control through summer
  • Post emergent control for dandelions, clover, and other spring weeds
Step 3: Late Spring Application
  • Balanced (granular/liquid) fertilizer for a fast spring green up
  • Spot spray any existing weeds if needed
  • Turf damaging insect and disease control as needed
Step 4: Early Summer Application
  • High nitrogen (granular/liquid) for a thick, healthy lawn
  • Spot treat nuts edge and other summer weeds
  • Turf damaging insect and disease control as needed
Step 5: Late Summer Application
  • Specially formulated summer stress fertilizer (granular)
  • Post-emergent for summer grassy weed control
  • Turf damaging insect and disease control as needed
Step 6: Fall Application
  • Pre-emergent for weed control


Outdoor lighting will showcase your landscape design and exteriors by adding beauty, safety, and security to your surroundings. The right combination of texture, color, balance, and placement is key. Let the TEAM create a well-designed lighting plan that will add the finishing touch to illuminate your dreamscape.


The changing seasons are the perfect opportunity to refresh your outdoor image. Updating your seasonal flowers is an exciting and dramatic way to add beauty and value to a classic landscape. Let The TEAM create your custom palette to provide vitality, energy and brilliance to your outdoor environment.


The Team only uses safe insecticides to treat ticks and fleas, grubs, ants, and other pests that attack your plants and trees, pets or family. You can count on The Team to provide long-term, sustainable solutions to keep your landscape stunning and strong.


Tree service by a professional arborist. Proper trimming and pruning of trees is important to the health and appearance of the trees. The service also includes identification of tree problems, preventative, and corrective measures. Deep root injection with nutrients and desirable fungi/bacteria, as well as direct tree injection using specialized equipment and materials to achieve nearly instant results.


The Team provides Core Turf Aeration, an innovative technique which assists the soil in absorbing necessary nutrients and water. We believe this innovative procedure is a vital ingredient in growing a healthy, vibrant lawn.


It is our goal to provide the safest means possible for the delivery of chemicals to protect you and your family as well as our urban forests, trees and shrubs.


The Team utilizes new and innovative services such as micro-injection technology, foliar sprays, deep-root injections, and ectomycorrhizal inoculants to protect and nourish your landscape.
Protecting roses from vermin with pressure sprayer